Who We are and what we can?

Mendigo Oy was founded in 2021. Our company's partners have many years of experience in training and quality audits. Competence and benefit are key factors in everything we do.

Coaching, business arrangements and audits, that support business and personal development, are at the core of what we offer.

Our motto is:

“Our taste is simple. We are easily satisfied with the best.”

Odette Pol Roger and Winston Churchill met at the French Embassy's lunch invitation in London in 1944, where Pol Roger's champagne, vintage 1928, was served. Churchill fell in love with the champagne and Odette Pol Roger. Thus began a lifelong friendship and Pol Roger's champagne became Churchill's favorite. Every year he was sent a box of his favorite vintage 1928 as a birthday present. "My taste is simple, I easily satisfied with the best", that quote has been heard many times.
- LizainWi­neWon­der­land.com

Our history...

In 1898, a company called "Mendigo Ltd" was founded in Tyrwää, Finland. The company was founded by two friends named Hezeciel and Abraham. They started producing training services for industrial clients that were affordable and accessible to a wide audience. Mendigo's innovative way of thinking made doing work and manufacturing products more efficient and faster. This gave Mendigo a competitive advantage and enabled it to offer very high quality services at a reasonable price. Mendigo's "Model W" executive training program, introduced in 1918, was very popular, with sales exceeding 5 million marks between 1918 and 1937. This made Mendigo the leading training company in Pirkanmaa and the friends the most successful businessmen in Finland. Over the decades, Mendigo's innovations and reasonably priced services have helped to develop know-how in various sectors of industry, and they are still a significant part of the economy and culture of western Finland even today This story is imaginary and its written by AI chat.openai.com/chat.